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Find Relief: How Osteopathy Can Alleviate Pain and Improve Function in Your Body

Discover how osteopathy can provide natural relief from pain and improve function in your body. Through gentle manual techniques, osteopathy can help restore balance and alleviate tension, allowing you to feel better and move more freely. Learn more about the benefits of osteopathy and how it can improve your overall well-being.

What is Osteopathy?


Osteopathy is a type of manual medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal problems. Manual osteopaths are practitioners who have specialised in this field.

Osteopathy treatment at Novel Physio and Health Services-Physiotherapy-Waterloo

How does Osteopathy work?

Pain relief, healing, improved function, and a decreased risk of recurrence are the main goals of the therapy. People of all ages use osteopathy to treat a variety of conditions like migraine, sciatica, and arthritis as well as injuries suffered during sports and at the workplace.

Osteopathic care is delivered through a range of interventions including manual therapy, exercise therapy, soft tissue release, articulation and manipulation of joints.

Common Conditions Treated by Manual Osteopathy:

Osteopathy treatment- Novel Physio and Health Services-Waterloo
Osteopathy treatment at Novel Physio and Health Services-Physiotherapy-Waterloo

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