Curley’s wife’s fantasy will be to end up being a movie actress

Curley’s wife’s fantasy will be to end up being a movie actress

A guy immediately following told her however set their from inside the films, but Curley’s partner never read back regarding him. She holds to that fantasy and you can covers exactly what you may have been. At a basic, their fantasy is focused on to be able to refrain the fresh new farm and their dissatisfying matrimony so you’re able to Curley.

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Basically, Curley’s spouse dreams of a far greater lifestyle as compared to one she’s currently lifestyle. She is not a type people, searching for the individuals just who she opinions because the weaker than simply herself and next humiliating them to create herself see more significant.

For the part 4, she insults Lennie, Chocolate, and Crooks, informing them that they’re most of the cowards. She goes on in order to insult their unique partner, telling all of them one she isn’t going to remain confined inside their brief domestic hence she understands their hand was busted as he had been defeated when you look at the a battle-although he claims to getting extremely tough. Then she continues to share the fresh new aspirations she once had:

I share with ya I can regarding went with suggests. Perhaps not jus’ one to, neither. An’ a man tol’ myself he could set me in pitchers.

And you will she nonetheless clothing the brand new region, walking on the fresh ranch having full build-right up, rounded tresses, and you can sneakers cherished having ostrich feathers. Whenever she concentrates their unique attract on Lennie, Criminals increases to safeguard him. In reaction, Curley’s spouse points a stern alerting:

Really, you keep your house upcoming, Nigger. I’m able to enable you to get installed up on a forest so simple it isn’t even comedy.

Curley’s partner resides in a fantasy globe, convinced that she’ll be saved on humdrum farm surroundings by things more pleasing and you can amazing. And because the new ranch has the benefit of nothing in the way of upward flexibility getting her, she will invest their own go out and make other people feel insignificant so she will be able to feel a lot better from the by herself. Their dreams of a more pleasing life go unfulfilled at the plot’s prevent.


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Curley’s spouse are depicted as one of the loneliest letters with the the farm, and you will she actually is unhappily hitched on vulnerable, domineering Curley. Curley’s spouse despises their own partner, who’s dealing with and you may oppressive. Because the simply lady on farm, Curley’s partner does not have someone to confide inside the, additionally the men purposely end their because they do not wanted to shed its perform.

Curley’s wife shows their own desire to get a motion picture celebrity during the a number of times from the facts. From inside the chapter 4, Curley’s partner guides on the Crooks’s small room attached to the barn and you may disrupts this new guys having a discussion. After they just be sure to discount their particular, Curley’s wife reacts by the saying:

Whatta ya thought I am, a good child? We share with ya I will out-of opted for reveals. Not jus’ one, neither. An’ a person tol’ me personally he may place me within the pitchers (Steinbeck 38)

Curley’s wife’s feedback shows that she dreams of to get a film star. Frequently, she are told through some body within the reveal company one she is skilled adequate to work within the clips.

From inside the section 5, Curley’s wife treks toward barn and starts a discussion with Lennie, who is concerned about George punishing your having occur to killing the puppy. Curley’s wife once again reveals their unique dream by advising Lennie:


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